Who is Jordan Platten?

Jordan Platten is an author, speaker and digital marketing expert from the UK. He built a successful agency that generated millions of dollars in revenue for companies worldwide using paid advertising. He also mentors entrepreneurs ranging from stay at home moms to high school students.

Online MarketingHe shares his experience through YouTube and runs live events. Unlike some YouTubers who cash in on various trends, he focuses on helping businesses with their marketing. To learn more about Jordan Platten, read https://www.scamrisk.com/jordan-platten/.

Jordan Platten is a social media marketing agency owner

A social media marketing agency is a company that helps brands with their online marketing efforts. They specialize in promoting products and services through various social networking platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. They also manage the client’s social media accounts and help them develop a marketing strategy that will drive results. A successful agency will focus on both organic and paid social advertising, and will be able to generate leads for their clients using targeted social ads.

The company has a number of offices around the world, including locations in North Carolina and Michigan. Its employees are skilled in managing Facebook Ads campaigns and implementing the best practices for driving results. They’re known for helping companies grow their sales and reach new audiences, while still staying within their budgets.

As a young entrepreneur, Jordan has a unique perspective on how to build and scale a successful agency. He was able to make a quarter of a million dollars in his first year of business, and has since helped hundreds of entrepreneurs become 6 figure earners. He is an accomplished speaker and has a large following on YouTube where he regularly shares his insights.

He doesn’t use leased supercars or private jets to sell his ideas, but instead has focused on documenting his successes and running live events, such as the ‘Millennial Marketing Mastery’ event held in New York. He’s made it his mission to help people from all walks of life achieve their dreams, and has mentored thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs, from stay at home mums to high-school students.

Jordan has launched a course called Affluent Agency to teach others how to start their own social media marketing agencies. This is a comprehensive program that includes a private Facebook mastermind group and weekly Q&As with Jordan himself. It also contains full copy and paste scripts for cold calling and email, along with contracts and done-for-you funnel templates. Unlike some other Youtube entrepreneurs who cash in on the latest trends, Jordan is a true professional.

He is a YouTube entrepreneur

Jordan is an entrepreneur from the UK, who has built up a successful marketing agency that generates millions in new revenue for businesses around the world. He is well known for his YouTube videos where he shares his experience of running a social media marketing agency. His advice has inspired thousands of entrepreneurs from high school students to stay-at-home moms.

In the video, Jordan reveals his 3-step meeting strategy that helps him close clients in less than an hour. He also discusses his cold calling script, which has been fine-tuned to ensure success in each call. He has also written a book called “The 15 Minute Agency” that teaches business owners how to start and scale their own agencies.

Unlike some YouTube gurus who capitalize on various digital trends, Jordan sticks to his niche of helping small and medium-sized businesses with their advertising campaigns. He has a loyal following of over 60,000 subscribers and regularly makes videos about the process of launching an agency, creating different types of ads, and daily vlogging. He also holds live events such as his Millennial Marketing Mastery event in New York.

He has a book

Jordan Platten is well-known for his success as a social media marketing agency owner. He has built a profitable business by providing services for local and international clients. The success of his company has been the result of hard work, and he has not been afraid to take risks along the way. He also believes in giving back to his community and has donated money to charities. In addition to running his own company, he has written a book and held several live events.

Jordan was born and raised in Norfolk, UK. He had a relatively ordinary childhood, but it taught him to never give up and that one can achieve anything if they are willing to work for it. He later enrolled into a local drama class and eventually became an actor. In addition to acting, he has a keen interest in photography. He has published a number of photos and videos on his Instagram, which have attracted a lot of attention.

Although he enjoyed his job, he was always looking for something more. After working his way through three jobs in two years, he was still not happy. He was frustrated by the corporate rat race and the lack of freedom that he felt. He began searching for ways to make more money and create financial freedom.

After a few months, Jordan started his own online training academy. He wanted to help other people get the same success that he had. He had a goal of helping as many people as possible quit their jobs and start their own agencies.

He developed a system to generate leads and close new business with his paid ads. He refined his cold calling script and worked on his presentation skills. He now works with a variety of high-profile clients and has generated millions in revenue for them.

After quitting his corporate job, Jordan Platten started an online marketing agency and wrote a book about the process. He now teaches other agency owners how to scale their businesses and sign their first clients. He has also filmed a video series and holds live events to teach others how to succeed in the digital world.

He holds live events

Jordan Platten is a YouTube entrepreneur with a social media marketing agency that has a lot of success. His business model is based on managing paid online advertisements for his clients. This allows him to make a lot of money and has helped him become a millionaire. He also holds live events to share his knowledge with people who are interested in learning about this type of work.

His business model is a great way for newcomers to learn how to manage an online advertising agency. He has many videos and resources available to help newcomers get started. In addition, he has a live webinar that provides tips and tricks to help his students succeed.

He has also written a book that provides detailed advice on how to start a successful business. He believes that a strong foundation is the key to success. He has also created a community where entrepreneurs can support each other. This helps them stay motivated and continue to push forward.

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Jordan Platten’s social media marketing agency has reached 6 figure profits in just three months after launching. He’s now on a mission to mentor thousands of like-minded entrepreneurs from all over the world, including university dropouts and stay at home moms. He wants to teach them how to run their own successful businesses that allow them to spend more time with their families.